Saali ko Choda

Hi friends I m avinash , this is my first story in iss, as I m very big fan of iss , so hello to all gals n boys, my id is avinashjain2002@indiatimes.comI m 26 m lucknow, newly married with strong cock, and average build body , the story begins as this way , meri shaddi one year pehle hyui hai, meri ek choti Sali hai jo ki bahut sexy hai uska rang weathish hai , par uska figure bahut hi sexy hai , use boobs bahut bade hai, jab bhi mein usse dekta tha mera lund hard ho jata tha , mein hamesha se usse chodna chahata tha, par kabie muka hi nahi milta tha.Ek din mere sassu ka phone aaya ki , meri saali kuch dino ke liye lucknow aana chahithi hai toh mene bahut hus hua , aur mere unse kaha ki jaroor use bhej de, I will take gud care for her , she donot need to worry abt her, realy I wana take gud care for her, I thought in my mind. On after few days she came to lucknow , aur jab mene usse dekha toh who pehle se bahut hi jaya sexy lag rahi thi , uske boobs aur bade ho gye the , which I can feel easily , she was looking queen , I said to her “ saali shaiba u r looking gr8” she said thank u with a cunning smile. I thought ki is baae toh mein usse jaroor chodunga.Mere usse apne room ke same wala room diya, bocoz I wana keep checking her everyime. She was very friendly with me , and we used to talk lot, but I never get change to talk nasty with her , bcoz my wife used to be nearby.OOne day my wife had to go out for marriage , she asked me to come with me but I refused to go with her , I said I had to do some official work , my saali was also not very good , she said had she is having headace , I donot know whetaher she was realy having headace or she lied to her, so my wife hd to go alone . I have a kiss and asked her to come quick .she said the she is having headace , then I aksed herlet me get somemedicines for her, so I have her one saridon, and then I asked her hre me give her head massage , first she refused , par mere jayada request karne par who maan gayi , while I was giving her head massage , I can see her cleavage clearly , bocz she was wearing very loose t- shirt , mere lund toh bahut hi tight ho gaya tha, by loking at the cleavge and thinking of her tight pussy. So i aksed to her deepa do u have any bf, she said ni jijju , why no u r so beautiful , u deserve to have bf, than she asked to me really jiju I m beautiful, I said yes u r , I ust teased her and said that if she was same age of her didi then I would marry her, by hearing this she was shocked , she asked realy jijju I m that much sexy I said yes, as she faced her face I front of her , her t- shirt fell down more liitle this time her cleavge was more visible, I cannot control my eye shight as I was starring at her boobs , she saw me that I was looking at her boobs, she said to me jijju where u r looking, I was shocked I said nothing , she is moved away from me and sit aside of the bed , I alsosit on the bed , then I said her ki that her husband will be very luck , she asked me why , bocoz he is going to get the goddesh of beauty , then I said I wish if I could get the same , by hearing this she said jijju u git didi she is also very beautiful, I said her , but she is now not able to satisfy me , as before. She sked why not, then I said that her body had become loose now , then she came near me and said jijju I feel pity for u , I wish if I could get something for u , by hearing this I said deepa , I wana shar something with u she said sure jijju , I said deepa u look very sexy to me , I asways wana have sex with u , I love u lot, by hearing this she was silent for a moment, and then she came near to me , and touches my hair and said jiiju I also love u lot, I always think of u , and want to have u,after hearing this I start kissing her lips , she was also cooperating me , my hards very in her belly , dhire dhire mene apne hath uske boobs par layaa aur usse dabane laga , then I remove here t- shirt and bra , and then I remove my shirt , I lied her on the bed , kissing her all over the body , she was dancing in the bed with excitement, then slowly I remove her panty , and then I remove my underwear, whe she looked at my cock , she said jijju tumhara lund toh bahut hi bada aur mota hai how didi can take all this, then I aksed her to lick my cock at first she refused but latter on she licked my lund, usne mere lund to bahut achi tarah se choosa , phir mere uski chut chai who pagal ho rahi thi “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujijjuu nahi sssssss ttttttttop mar gayi mmaaaaaaakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” she was sounding very sexy , get I dsaid that I m going to fuck her, she said ok but slowly , I roll up condom, and slowly put the tip of my cock into her vagina , as I pussedlittle bit “ nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo ssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttop “ but I did not care of her, anf gave a hard blow and my cock went inside to her” she was crying “no jijju leave me she was calling me dog , harami , madra chod leave me “ but I dodnt listen to her and keep fucking her, slowl her was feeling much better , noe she was alos responding to me , moving her butts, then I saked salli shaiba ab kaisa lag raha hai , then she said that she is in heaven , and aksed me not to stop , but fucking abt 45 minutes I cum , she had also 3 orgams , which I can make out with her body movement , bocz i had fucked man women. Then we lied in the bed foe some times , and she was very happy and kissing m everywhere, then we went to the bathroom cleared each other, dressed properly bcoz my wife may return anythime , that that evering we fucked always when ever we get chances.I had one more interesting story, with my maid , which I will submit latter ,So any women , girls, wiodow, divorce , interest to make relation to me can contact me , everything will be confidential , as I m also married. So do mail me to encourage me to write more stories n to make sexual relation with me my id is